Can my Neck Pain be Relieved With Decompression Therapy?

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Our hands-on techniques at Q Factor Chiropractic can help our patients achieve total pain relief in the safest and most effective ways. Through a thorough understanding of the human body and various musculoskeletal ailments, our professional team uses clinically backed physical manipulation methods to improve your everyday comfort and reduce aches. We also utilize a comprehensive approach with your wellness in mind, considering all facets of your health and lifestyle when developing a unique wellness plan just for you.

We then combine soft tissue therapy, lifestyle modifications, decompression techniques, and other strategies to help you enjoy your best possible outcome in Mesquite, TX! Just reach out to us today to take the first step toward improved wellness.

Can decompression therapy relieve my neck pain?

Decompression, like other chiropractic adjustments, may offer various benefits without the drawbacks of more involved procedures that may be inconvenient or painful. It also sidesteps the side effects of certain medications, which may not yield the desired results because they simply mask the pain rather than get to the root of the cause to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

However, decompression therapy doesn't cause any side effects and is a sustainable treatment since it aims for long-term results by targeting a common cause of neck pain: spinal compression.

Physical therapy is also wonderfully accessible. Unlike many other treatment types, it does not have any contraindications that may prohibit its use. Instead, all patients struggling with discomfort and pain could benefit from decompression and similar chiropractic modalities — especially those struggling with herniated discs or similar issues.

Fortunately, our traction tables may provide a quick and easy fix, as they gently and gradually (but effectively) stretch out the spine and reduce the pressure and compression causing total body pain.

What other benefits does decompression therapy offer?

Since the spine is the main freeway that runs through the body, decompression therapy can potentially reduce more than neck pain. It can ease aches and discomfort throughout your entire being to help get you back to the spry individual you were before persistent pain hampered your daily living. Many past patients have been enamored with their results and can now excel at everyday tasks and their favorite activities without the dark cloud of pain hanging above them.

Additional benefits to decompression therapy include a reduction in sciatica pain, which can be a significantly detrimental condition that keeps patients from being as active as they like. The decrease in total inflammation is also an advantage, as it can ease discomfort and tightness throughout the body.

Similarly, many patients find that their tension eases, and they reduce the occurrence of tension-related headaches. Patients won't just feel like being more active; they'll also benefit from improved mobility, flexibility, movement, and range of motion.

Enjoy pain relief and improved function through decompression therapy

Chiropractic treatment can leave you feeling refreshed. Not just in the short-term but well into the future, since we're targeting the musculoskeletal issues that cause common daily conditions, including pain and discomfort.

Decompression therapy is among the simplest, safest, and most accessible forms of chiropractic treatment. It can decompress the spinal disks to help make you feel better than ever and improve your everyday functionality. You can potentially say goodbye to pain and discomfort by saying hello to our experienced team at Q Factor Chiropractic by contacting us today in Mesquite, TX!

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