Do Digital X-Rays Use Radiation?

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Digital x-rays allow our experts at Q Factor Chiropractic to formulate the most effective treatment plans possible to correct or alleviate a wide range of physical ailments. Among the most common and life-hampering of these affect the spine, whether caused by injury, wear and tear, congenital conditions, or the inevitable effects of aging. But digital x-rays allow us to detect and treat spine issues that rob so many Americans of their daily physical freedom and comfort.

All while emitting 80% less radiation, offering quicker results, and providing more accurate images. These x-rays offer a blueprint for improving your health, function, and comfort, so please don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more in Mesquite, TX.

Do digital x-rays use radiation?

Digital x-rays offer a safer alternative to conventional x-rays because they expose patients to dramatically lower radiation levels. However, digital x-rays still use radiation, as it's necessary to peer into the body and reveal the underlying, hidden structures, such as bone. In fact, x-rays without radiation would be impossible since x-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. They are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that also comprises other forms of radiation, like light and radio waves, showing that radiation isn't always necessarily detrimental.

The utility of x-rays is due to their energy levels. With more energy than visible light, x-rays can pass through the skin and other tissues and body parts to reveal the denser bones underneath. And they've been used to that effect for over one hundred years. In fact, one of the first x-rays captured a hand with a ring on it. That hand and ring belonged to Anna Bertha Ludwig, the wife of Wilhelm Röntgen, the discoverer of x-ray radiation.

However, the digital variant significantly reduces patient exposure by 80 – 90%. Yet, x-ray imaging techniques, whether of the conventional or digital persuasion, are both considered safe. Still, our digital options offer an alternative for those concerned about health implications.

How are digital x-rays used?

Digital x-rays are an invaluable diagnostic tool. And since effective and efficient treatment depends on detection and diagnosis, digital x-rays provide the first step toward an optimal therapeutic outcome for millions worldwide. And at Q Factor Chiropractic, digital x-rays allow our physicians to assess the structure, alignment, and health of the spine.

As the literal backbone of the body and a highway for nerves, spine health dictates daily performance, functionality, and comfort. Therefore, evaluating spinal integrity and function allows us to see the specifics of disease and disorder processes, which are common complaints for many.

Among these, many people struggle with the painful, mobility-reducing symptoms caused by bone spurs, disc disorders, abnormal development, arthritis, and spinal deterioration. Potential causes include aging, wear and tear, repetitive motions, persistent poor posture, or injury.

Explore the many benefits of digital x-rays

At Q Factor Chiropractic, we utilize the most advanced, effective technologies and techniques to help you achieve your optimal health outcome. And our digital x-ray capabilities offer one of the most indispensable diagnostic tools, providing incredibly detailed, accurate images while reducing radiation exposure by 80% or more.

So, if you're struggling with pain, discomfort, reduced mobility, or impaired function, don't hesitate to reach out to us and schedule an appointment in Mesquite, TX.

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