Physical Therapy Can be Fun and Engaging With Virtual Reality

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Physical therapy is an important but often tedious part of recovering from a bad injury. However, new advancements in virtual reality (VR) now make rehabilitation interesting and fun. VR allows patients to experience immersive environments while performing exercises from the comfort of their homes.

Q Factor Chiropractic is excited to offer virtual reality rehabilitation to individuals from our Mesquite, TX, office. Call now to learn about our engaging program and how it works.

The downtime of traditional physical therapy

Physical therapy may be required after a car accident, work injury, or slip and fall. The main goal is to help patients regain strength and movement in areas like the hands, arms, feet, and legs. In order to achieve this, healthcare professionals have patients perform exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles and joints.

Traditional rehabilitation programs are essential, but they are sometimes viewed as tedious and monotonous. This is because patients have to perform the same movements multiple times a day with little variation. As a result, many people skip the much-needed exercises and set back their own recovery timelines.

About virtual reality rehabilitation

Q Factor Chiropractic offers VR rehabilitation to patients near Mesquite, TX. Our program transports patients into an immersive virtual reality environment where they perform specific exercises. This makes physical therapy more enjoyable and more effective in the long run. At the same time, our trained specialists monitor your progress remotely and make adjustments to your treatment plan as necessary.

What areas can virtual reality rehabilitation help with?

VR rehabilitation can manage many kinds of injuries and conditions. Our team members have helped people who suffer from chronic or acute pain due to a car accident, sports injury, work injury, or fall. We can treat body areas, such as:

  • Upper extremities (arms, hands)
  • Lower extremities (legs, feet)
  • Core (back, abdomen)
  • Cognition (memory, attention)
  • Overall well-being

We are always looking for ways to help patients heal and live their best lives possible. A consultation at Q Factor Chiropractic is the first step to see if VR rehabilitation is right for your needs.

What does your VR program include?

Virtual reality rehabilitation at Q Factor Chiropractic includes a headset that goes over your eyes, hand controllers, a tablet, and a support stand. Patients may use one or a combination of these tools depending on their individual treatment plan.

Q Factor Chiropractic offers a set of ten exercises that should be done a certain number of times during the week. Movements are performed in the form of tasks or games that engage your body with fun and stimulating activities. For example, one game involves popping balloons with a sword.

Our team also offers access to a doctor of chiropractic medicine. They are available to answer any questions about your condition or the program along the way.

Try an engaging VR program

Physical therapy does not have to be a boring or tedious process. Now, you can experience an immersive virtual reality environment while performing exercises designed to help you fully recuperate.

Anyone interested in learning about virtual reality rehabilitation should reach out to our team at Q Factor Chiropractic in Mesquite, TX. We look forward to using cutting-edge technology while helping you on your journey to recovery.

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