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Need to get your friends, family, or employees adjusted? Look no further! We bring the Doctor to you.

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Q Factor Mobile Chiropractic Memberships

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$99 Destination Fee Per Visit

Adjust your family, friends, or employees for a flat fee. Minimum of 10 patients per visit.

No contract necessary.

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+$199 One-Time Fee

Secure an appointment once a month and pay a discounted rate per employee.

3 month contract.

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+$149 One-Time Fee

Premium benefits + get 50% off your next chiropractic visit after contract completion.

6 month contract.

Q Factor Chiropractic Membership Policies:

  • Minimum of ten patientspervisit
  • After VIP membership contract completion (6 months), member will receive 50% off their next mobile chiropractic visit.
  • All membershipplan fees and duesmust be paid on the day the services are rendered.
  • Must cancel membership in via email [email protected] at least 2 weeks before your next scheduled visit.

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