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what is Chronic Pain?

Pain plays an important role in the lives of humans. It protects us from harm by making us aware of harmful actions with the sensation of pain. A tension headache, a paper cut, or a sprained ankle are all common injuries that occur. If these injuries are not treated right away, they can turn into an infection that may result in more pain and be more expensive to cure. Here are the two main types of pain that you should be aware of.

What is Acute Pain?

This is pain that lasts less than 3 – 6 months. Acute pain happens instantly following an injury, such as falling off a bike. Acute pain is normal pain that warns that you’ve been hurt.

The majority of patients we treat have been involved in some sort of trauma, such as an auto accident, a slip and fall, and even as minor as lifting heavy objects. Every move you make has an impact on your body so be mindful of the daily activities you perform. It may take weeks or even years for these symptoms to resurface and alert your body that treatment is needed.

How do i know if i have Chronic Pain?

This is pain that lasts more than six months. Generally, this type of pain comes and goes, and it never completely stops. When pain does not go away, as it should, this pain itself can become a disease.

The most common sources of pain come from headaches, joint pain, pain from injury, and backbones.

what are the symptoms of chronic pain?

  • Mild to severe pain that does not go away
  • Pain that may be described as shooting, burning, aching, or electrical
  • Feeling of discomfort, soreness, tightness, or stiffness

what problems can chronic pain cause?

Other problems associated with pain can include: 

  • Fatigue
  • Sleeplessness
  • Withdrawal from activity and an increased need to rest
  • Weakened immune system
  • Changes in mood, including hopelessness, fear, depressions, irritability, anxiety, and stress

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Chronic Pain FAQ

Is it acute pain or chronic pain?

If your pain is short-lived (less than two months), it is most likely acute pain. Pain that lasts longer than three months, gets worse, or has accompanying symptoms, may be chronic pain.

When should I get treatment for pain?

If you've tried rest, ice, stretching, and other home treatments and the pain persists for more than 2 – 3 months, it may be time for an examination for chronic pain.

Does chronic pain affect mental and emotional health?

Yes, it can. Constant pain can affect levels of anxiety, depression, anger, and more. Not being able to engage in normal activities or not being able to sleep because of pain can also impact mental and emotional health.

Are there different types of chronic pain?

Yes, chronic pain can present in a variety of different ways in different areas of the body and often includes:

  • Migraines and headaches
  • Lower back pain
  • Nerve damage pain
  • Joint pain (ex: arthritis)
  • Location-specific pain caused by injury

What are the most common causes of chronic pain?

  • A traumatic injury
  • A congenital health condition
  • Poor posture and poor sleep positioning
  • Arthritis
  • Effects of aging
  • Obesity

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In addition to the physical challenges of pain, chronic ailments can contribute to anxiety, depression, and more, impacting mental and emotional health. But consistent, debilitating pain doesn’t have to stay with you for your entire life. If you've been dealing with persistent pain and that gets in the way of the life you want to leave, Q Factor Chiropractic wants to help. Schedule a consultation at our Mesquite, TX facility to get on the path to pain relief.

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