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what are digital X-Rays?

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, just like light waves and radio waves. Since x-rays have higher energy than light waves, they can pass through the body. X-rays were first discovered over a century ago and were quickly applied to medical diagnostic use. Today, x-rays remain a valuable tool in the diagnosis and treatment of many injuries and diseases. Chiropractors take x-rays to reveal the internal structure and alignment of the spine. Our team at Q Factor Chiropractic is also concerned about underlying disease processes and disorders of the spine, such as spinal deterioration, arthritis of the spine, abnormal development, bone spurs, disc disorders, tumors, and spinal curvature. X-rays also provide a blueprint for correcting the spine back to optimal health and alignment. Our team in Mesquite, TX offers digital x-rays to patients with an injury, abnormal symptoms, or other hard-to-detect medical issues.

What Are The Benefits Of Digital X-Rays?

A digital x-ray performed at Q Factor Chiropractic has a number of benefits over traditional x-rays, including:

  • Safer — uses up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-ray imaging
  • Faster — only takes about 15 - 20 minutes
  • Provides higher resolution images
  • Allows more accurate diagnosis of health issues
  • More comfortable than traditional x-rays
  • Safer for the environment
  • Images can be stored digitally and easily sent to other care providers

Am I a candidate for a digital x-ray?

X-rays are prescribed on a case-by-case basis in our Mesquite, TX practice. At times, when more conservative treatments fail to resolve ongoing or chronic pain, x-rays can be used to get to the bottom of the issue. In addition to diagnostic measures, x-rays help us throughout ongoing treatment to determine the status of healing and of readjustments that may be necessary to your treatment plan. If you have suffered from pain or suspect that there may be deeper underlying skeletal issues, please voice your concern to our doctors to see about your qualifications for digital x-rays of the problem area.

what can digital x-rays diagnose?

At Q Factor Chiropractic, our team will use digital x-rays to determine if there are any underlying abnormalities or injuries that could be causing you pain. X-rays allow our team to view the internal structures of your body and diagnose or identify anything that can't be observed on the outside or detected with a manual examination. If your spine is abnormal or unhealthy, some indications that may be present in your digital x-ray include:

  • Narrow, decayed disc spacing
  • Abnormal cervical, thoracic, and lumbar curves
  • Unhealthy arthritic bone spurs

There’s always an underlying reason when your neck, mid-back, or low back experience pain. In most cases, it’s due to your spine not being properly aligned in its normal position. This can be caused by decay, arthritis, or injury.

Digital X-rays FAQ

What is the difference between traditional x-rays and digital x-rays?

Traditional x-rays take an image of your body’s internal structures by capturing it on a special film. This requires developing this film with chemicals in a dark room. The process takes longer, and the chemicals used aren’t environmentally friendly. A digital x-ray still uses x-rays to image your body, but instead of film, it captures the image the same way a digital camera does with a higher resolution image that can be enlarged for better diagnostic analysis. The image can be stored on a computer and doesn’t require a lengthy developing process that uses hazardous chemicals.

Are digital x-rays safer?

While digital x-rays still use x-rays to image your body, because of the advanced technology, they are able to create images using 80% less radiation, meaning it’s much safer than a traditional x-ray (which is still considered very safe).

How long does it take to have a digital x-ray made?

Digital x-ray imaging is very quick; at Q Factor Chiropractic, depending on what area of your body is being imaged and how many you’ll need, having a digital x-ray done may take only about 15 – 20 minutes.

How do you prepare for a digital x-ray?

For most digital x-rays, no special preparation is necessary. You may be asked to remove any jewelry or clothing that might get in the way of the image. Our professionals at Q Factor Chiropractic may position you on the x-ray table and then step out of the room while the image is being taken. We will be able to see and hear you at all times.

How long will my appointment take?

Q Factor Chiropractic prides itself on providing prompt service for individuals living in Mesquite, TX. While the x-ray itself should only take 15 - 20 minutes, patients should also account for the time it takes to check in and fill out paperwork. Once the x-ray is complete, our team can review the results and provide the next steps. We offer digital x-rays in-office as well as in our mobile unit van.


Many everyday issues, such as the effects of an injury or a preexisting or newly developing illness, can wreak havoc on your body and cause discomfort that gets in the way of your daily life. To combat this pain and restore your quality of life, schedule a consultation at Q Factor Chiropractic to get an accurate diagnosis and learn about your options for improvement.

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